The Beach Boys & Various Artists
Shut Down

  01 The Beach Boys - Shut Down
02 The Cheers - Chicken
03 The Super Stocks - Wide Track
04 The Piltdown Men - Brontosaurus Stomp
05 The Super Stocks - Four On The Floor
06 The Cheers - Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots

07 The Beach Boys - 409
08 The Super Stocks - Street Machine
09 Robert Mitchum - The Ballad Of Thunder Road
10 Jimmy Dolan - Hot Rod Race
11 The Eligibles - Car Trouble
12 The Super Stocks - Cheater Slicks

originally released: 1963
LP: Electrola, Germany - STK 83 522
LP: Capitol, Germany - DT-1918

This is a romping, road searing album that's titled after the current
high-riding hit by the Beach Boys. The seven different vocal groups,
instrumentalists, and individual singing stars heard in the album offer selections
which have become lasting hit renditions of songs about the fun, thrills
and excitement of the road.

In addition to the Beach Boys, you'll hear The Cheers, The Super Stocks,
The Eligibles, Jimmy Dolan, The Piltdown Men, and screen star Robert Mitchum,
singing his famed "The Ballad of Thunder Road" - top tunes by top artists,
each one trying to outgun the other at every turn.