Very Rare Tracks
My ultimate collection of outtakes, alternates, rarities, fragments
The Apartment Tapes (recorded in his living room in New York)
and others

updated: March 1, 2011


   Buddy Holly
Ain't got no home (undubbed)
Because I love you (take 1 - dubbed stereo)
Bo Diddley (acetat)
Bo Diddley (alternate take)
Blue Monday (undubbed)
Blue suede shoes (demo)
Brown eyed handsome man (live)
Brown eyed handsome man (take 2)
Come back Baby (demo)
Don't come back knocking (take 2)
Don't come back knockin' (demo)
Drown in my own tears (together with Jerry Lee Lewis on piano)
Fool's Paradise (take 1)
Fool's Paradise (take 2)
Fool's Paradise (take 3)
Gone (take 3)
Have you ever been lonely (home tape)
Have you ever been lonely (alternate)
Have you ever been lonely (take 1)
Have you ever been lonely (take 2)
Have you ever been lonely (take 3)
Honky Tonk (demo)
I guess I was just a fool (Decca audition)
It doesn't matter anymore (with studio talk)
Leave my woman alone (instrumental)
Love is strange (take 1 of Norman Petty Version on Giant)
Love's made a fool of you (w/o handclapping / Demo for the Everly Brothers)
Maybe Baby (1st version)
Moondreams (with studio talk)
Now we're one (studio take)
Oh Boy (stereo)
Peggy Sue (early alternate studio take)
Peggy Sue (live At The Paramount - Arthur Murray Dance)
Peggy Sue (stereo)
Peggy Sue got married (2nd version)
Rip it up (undubbed demo)
Rip it up (alternate bass line on a rocking version)
Rock around with Ollie Vee (take 8)
Rock around with Ollie Vee (take 12)
Rock around with Ollie Vee (2nd vers with Elbert Raymond "Dutch" McMillin - tenor sax)
Rock around with Ollie Vee (DCS stereo mix by Twodawgzz)
Send me some loving (demo)
Slippin' and slidin' (slow demo version)
Take your time (take 1)
Take your time (take 2)
Take your time (take 3)
That'll be the day (take 19)
That'll be the day - introduced by Wolfman Jack
That's my desire (take 3)
Think it over (take 1)
Think it over (take 2)
Think it over (take 3)
Think it over (take 4)
Think it over (take 5)
True love ways (with studio talk)
When sin stops
When sin stops (studio instrumental recording feat. King Curtis)
You're the one (undubbed)
You're the one (without strings)
You're my one desire (take 3)

Interview with Mr. & Mrs. Holley
Jingle for Murray Deutch (That'll be the day)
Jingle for Radio KLLL
Norman Petty defends himself
Promo for Radio KSYD
Promo for Radio WACK
Winter Dance Party Promotion
Interview with Alan Freed
- Oct 2, 1958 at WNEW-TV Studios, 205 East 67th Street, New York, NY
Interview with Dick Clark
- Oct 28, 1958 at WFIL-TV Studios, 46th & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA
News about the planecrash - Radio KGLO, Mason City, Iowa

Peggy Sue on Donna (Peggy Sue Rackham on Donna Ludwig Fox) - True History

Buddy Holly - Memorial Radio Shows

            Zeitzeichen - 45. Todestag Buddy Holly - Sendung von Thomas Mau
03.02.2004 "Zeitzeichen" WDR 5 - Copy from the Original Broadcasting Master
03.02.2004 "Zeitzeichen" WDR 5 - Digital Radio Copy from WDR 5 FM-Radio Transmission
03.02.2004 "Zeitzeichen" WDR 3 - Radio Copy from WDR 3 FM-Radio Transmission

07.11.2003 NPR Radio Show - "All things considered" (Radio Copy)
                            Buddy Holly's little-known encore

      1972 Radio KNIT, Abilene, Texas - Jim Carter's Radio Show 1972 (Radio Copy)
                                        "Buddy Holly Remembered"

 1.10.1974 Gerd Alzen (Memory Hits on DLF) - Die Buddy Holly Story vol. 3 (Radio Copy NDR 2)
29.11.1974 Gerd Alzen (Memory Hits on DLF) - Die Buddy Holly Story vol. 4 (Radio Copy NDR 2)
   12.1974 Gerd Alzen (Memory Hits on DLF) - Die Buddy Holly Story vol. 5 (Radio Copy NDR 2)
   01.1975 Gerd Alzen (Memory Hits on DLF) - Die Buddy Holly Story vol. 6 (Radio Copy NDR 2)
   02.1975 Gerd Alzen (Memory Hits on DLF) - Die Buddy Holly Story vol. 8 (Radio Copy NDR 2)
(Please help me - I'm missing volumes 1,2 and 7)

Die 86er Buddy Holly Story ist völlig anders als die von 1974.
The radio copies of 1986 are extremely different to the stories of 1974.
24.08.1986 Gerd Alzen - Die Buddy Holly Story - Teil I   (Radio Copy NDR 2)
21.09.1986 Gerd Alzen - Die Buddy Holly Story - Teil II  (Radio Copy NDR 2)
19.10.1986 Gerd Alzen - Die Buddy Holly Story - Teil III (Radio Copy NDR 2)
16.11.1986 Gerd Alzen - Die Buddy Holly Story - Teil IV  (Radio Copy NDR 2)

Aus der Sendereihe Rock 'n' Roll Museum - NDR
 7.09.1986 Werner Voss - 50 Jahre Buddy Holly - Teil 1
 5.10.1986 Werner Voss - 50 Jahre Buddy Holly - Teil 2
 5.02.1989 Werner Voss - Zum 30. Todestag von Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper

Aus der Sendereihe "Rock and Roll Radio" mit Rainer Umlauf
Live aus dem Studio 3, Offener Kanal Bremen
11.07.03 Buddy Holly and his Friends
         Sonny West, David Box, Ray Ruff u.a.
04.02.04 Zum Todestag von Buddy Holly, Big Bopper und Ritchie Valens
15.05.04 Buddy Holly Spezial - Teil 1-3 von insgesamt 4 Stunden

Buddy Holly - The Apartment Tapes
(I've got them all - here is a sequel)

Chat with Maria Elena
Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Dearest (take 1)
Dearest (take 2)
Drown in my own tears / Dearest
I'll have the Blues again (take 1)
I'll have the Blues again (take 2)
Learning the game
Love is strange
Mona (take 1)
Mona (take 2)
Mona (take 3 - false start)
Mona (rehearsal 1)
Mona (rehearsal 1 part 2)
Peggy Sue got married
Slippin' and slidin' (slow version)
Slippin' and slidin' (slow version - take 2)
Smokey Joe's Cafe
That makes it tough
That's what they say
That's what they say (take 2)
Wait till the sun shines Nellie
What to do

Albert Lee, Jimmy Page, Paul Jones - Rave On
Arthur Brown - Not fade away (1982)
Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk (part 1 and 2)
Billy Crash Craddock - Peggy Sue
Billy Shear - Peggy Sue (Karaoke)
Blind Faith - Well alright (Live Gothenborg)
Blondie - I'm gonna love you too
Blue Moon Boys - Oh Boy
Bricats - Think it over
Bob Dylan and Paul Simon - Not fade away
Bob Luman - Blue days, black nights
Bob und Eddy - Peggy Lu
Bobby Fuller Four - Love's made a fool of you
Bobby Vee - Buddy Holly Medley
Bobby Vee - Learning the game (live)
Bobby Vee & The Shadows - Oh Boy (alternate take)
Bobby Vee & The Shadows - Wishing
Brenda Lee - Send me some lovin'
Brian Setzer (from Stray Cats) - Oh Boy
Brian Setzer (from Stray Cats) - Rock around with Ollie Vee
Bruce Springsteen - Not fade away (live)
Chad Allen & The Reflections - Tribute to Buddy Holly
Chart Chai Mee Sang Nin - That'll be the day (backing track 1996)
Cliff Richard - Baby I don't care
Cliff Richard - Rave On (live)
Cliff Richard, Andy Gibb, Olivia Newton-John and Elton John - Oh Boy (live)
Cliff Richard - That's my desire
Connie Francis - Oh Boy
Connie Francis - Peggy Sue
Daniel O'Donnell - Oh Boy
Darrel Higham - Midnight Shift
Darrel Higham - Not fade away
Dave Clark Five - Raining in my heart
Denny Laine - I'm gonna love you too
Die Ärzte - Buddy Holly's Brille
Doug Kershaw - Jolie Blonde
Duane Eddy & The Ventures - I fought the law
Eva Casssidy - It doesn't matte anymore
Familee - The Story of Buddy Holly
Ferlin Husky - Gone
Fireballs - Bottle of wine
Fireballs - Come on, react!
Fireballs - Long Green
Fleetwood Mac - Buddy's Song (live at the BBC)
Fleetwood Mac - Buddy's Song (from Kiln House)
Frank Rothe - Die Legende von Buddy Holly
Frank Rothe - Medley: Oh Boy / Rave On
Frank Rothe - Peggy Sue
Frank Rothe - Tribute to Buddy Holly
Gary Dale - Gone
Gary Tollett (Buddy Holly guitar) - Honey Honey
Gene Vincent - Send me some loving
Green Day - I fought the law
Hank C. Burnette - Peggy Sue
Hank Marvin (from The Shadows) - Peggy Sue
Hank Marvin & Mark Knopfler - Heartbeat
Hank B. Marvin - It doesn't matter anymore
Henri Smeets - Remember Buddy Holly
Hep Stars - A Tribute to Buddy Holly
Jackie Walker - Peggy Sue
Jacky Dee (Shannon) - Buddy
Jailbirds - Not fade away
Jerry Lee Lewis - Brown-eyed handsome man
Jerry Williams - Peggy Sue
Jimmy Ellis - Peggy Sue
Joan Jett - Real wild child
Joe Ely & The Crickets - Not fade away
Joe Ely & The Crickets - Well all right
John Cougar Mellencamp - Rave On
John Denver and David Essex - Buddy Holly Medley (1973)
John Fogerty - It's so easy (to fall in love)
John Fogerty - Rave On
John Lennon - Peggy Sue
John Lennon - Peggy Sue got married (lost tape)
John Lennon - Rave On
John Lennon - Slippin' and slidin' (demo)
Johnny and The Roccos (Bob Fish) - Tell me how
Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins - Brown-eyed handsome man
Johnny O'Keefe - It's too late
Johnny O'Keefe - The Wild One (Real Wild Child)
Johnny Otis - Good rockin' tonight (live)
Keith Richards - Buddy Holly Medley (solo acoustic)
Keith Richards - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Kelly - Raining in my heart
Leroy Davis - Blue Day, Black Nights
Les Wampas - Adieu à un ami (Tribute to Buddy Holly)
Les Wampas - Peggy Sue
Linda Ronstadt - It's so easy
Linda Ronstadt - That'll be the day
Link Wray and The Raymen - Peggy Sue
Little Richard - Send me some lovin'
Little Richard - Slippin' and Slidin'
Los Lobos - Crying, waiting, hoping
Lou Giordano - Stay close to me (studio take)
Lou Giordano with Buddy Holly and Phil Everly - Stay Close To Me
Marco Di Maggio - It doesn' matter anymore
Mark Harman - It doesn' matter anymore
Marshall Crenshaw - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Marty Wilde - You've got love
Matchbox - Love's made a fool of you
Mick Fleetwood - Not fade away (Acra, Ghana)
Michael Cox - Rave on
Mike Berry - Buddy Holly Medley
Mike Berry - Cindy Lou - Peggy Sue
Mike Berry - My Baby Doll
Mike Berry - Stay close to me
Mud - Oh Boy
Neil Young - Slippin' and Slidin'
Nighthawks (Buddy Holly guitar) - When sin stops
Pawnbrokers - Good rockin' tonight
Paralyzers - Ready Teddy
Pearl Jam - Everyday
Peaches & Herb - Love is strange
Phil Ochs - Buddy Holly Medley
Phillip Goodhand-Tait - Everyday
Phillip Goodhand-Tait - Heartbeat
Richard Anthony - Peggy Sue (french)
Rick Hollow - Peggy Sue
Ricky Nelson - Rave On
Ricky Nelson - True Love Ways
Rogues - Everyday
Runaway Express - Yeah Buddy Holly
Rush - Not fade away
Shakin' Stevens and The Sunsets - Too many Stars in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven
Skeeter Davis - It doesn't matter anymore
Skeeter Davis - That'll be the day
Sonny Curtis - Rave On
Sonny Curtis - Rock around with Ollie Vee
Sonny Curtis - The Real Buddy Holly Story
Sonny West - Oh Boy (original)
Sonny West - Oh Boy (remake)
Sonny West - Rave On (original)
Sonny West - Rave On (remake)
Status Quo - Rave On
Steve Hooker Rumble - Midnight Shift
Sweethearts of the Rodeo - Changing all those changes
Tanya Tucker - Brown eyed handsome man
Tanya Tucker - Not Fade Away
Tanzorchester ohne Namen - Peggy Lu
Ted Herold - Tribute to Buddy Holly (rec 1988)
Teddy and The Tigers - Tribute to Buddy Holly
The Beach Boys - Peggy Sue
The Beatles - Mailman bring me no more Blues
The Beatles - Not Fade Away (stereo mix - prev unreleased)
The Beatles - Peggy Sue got married
The Beatles - Reminiscing
The Beatles - Well All Right
The Black Devils - Heartbeat
The Clovers - Ting-A-Ling (original)
The Crickets - My little girl (stereo - outtake)
The Crickets Sound Project - Keep On Shining On
The Crickets Sound Project - That'll Be The Day
The Everly Brothers - Oh Boy
The Housewreckers - Tribute to Buddy Holly
The Quarrymen (Beatles) - That'll be the day
The Robins (later in 1956 The Coasters) - Smokey Joe's Cafe [Starlite CDS 51062]
The Rivieras - Oh, Boy
The Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away (BBC 1964)
The Rubettes - My Buddy Holly Days
The Searchers - Learning the game (live - Star Club Hamburg Sept 1963)
The Searchers - Listen to me (live - Star Club Hamburg Sept 1963)
The Searchers - Listen to me (studio version)
The Shadows - Maybe Baby
The Shadows - That's my desire
The Spotnicks - Jolie Blonde
The Tractors - Think it over
Tommy Dee with Carol Kay - Three Stars
Wanda Jackson - Oh Boy
Waylon Jennings - Jole Blon
Waylon Jennings & The Crickets - Buddy Holly Medley
Wilma Lee Curtis - There's a big wheel
Wynonie Harris - Good rockin' tonight [Starlite CDS 51062]
Zydeco Flames - Not fade away