Ritchie Valens
The best of

   La Bamba
Bluebirds Over The Mountain
We Belong Together
Ooh! My Head
The Paddiwack Song
Stay Beside Me
In A Turkish Town
Come On, Let's Go

That's My Little Suzie
Rockin' All Night
Rock Little Donna *)
Cry, Cry, Cry
Fast Freight
Hurry Up
Little Girl

published 1981
LP: Line Records GmbH, Germany - LLP 5132 AS

The Liner Notes of Line Records regarding "Rock Little Donna" Side B - Track 4:
"We also included one of the rarest tracks of all time,
a rocky version of 'Rock Little Suzie',
different and very much soughtafter.
I think this is the identically version of "I Got A Gal Named Sue" which became later "That's my little Suzie"
on CD-Box: Del-Fi Records, USA - DFBX 2359

Seems to be a little confused!