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Melle - The salt-water spa in the 'Grönegau' between the hills of the Wiehengebirge and the Teutoburger Wald

Welcome to Melle - See the 'Grönegau' for yourself!

The town tourist information centre would like to show you how beautiful and worth seeing our landscape is, and how relaxing and enjoyable your next stay or cure holiday can be when you come to the Grönegau and Melle.

Imagine you are travelling in your car. Drive along quiet main and side roads through green valleys, past historic timber-framed houses, farms, manor houses, castles and into hilly forests.

You pass through small, picturesque villages nestling between wide expanses of forests, fields and meadows.

See the 'Diedrichsburg' in the game reserve and drive on to the Cure Park and the Grönenberg Park in the centre of the town.

Then in the evening, settle down to a romantic dinner by an open fire.

Melle is an ideal shopping centre - browse and shop at leisure. Melle offers an attractive range of cures, both traditional and modern.

The town of Melle, whichs has about 40,000 inhabitants, is an amalgamation of 56 formerly independent municipalities which originally made up the district of Melle.

This area, which has been part of the history of the Grönegau (green region) for over 1000 years, lies embedded between the hills and forests of the 'Wiehengebirge' and the 'Teutoburger Wald'.

The River Else, which starts in Gesmold as a famous bifurkation of the River Hase, flows through the wide valley between both ranges of hills.

Surrounding the old town of Melle (nowadays called Melle Centre) in the shape of a star, lie the rural parts of the town - Oldendorf, Buer, Bruchmühlen, Riemsloh, Neuenkirchen, Wellingholzhausen and Gesmold.

As well as the historic town and village centres where you can find fine period buildings, there are a number of new settlements in which comfortable living next to nature has been made possible.

In all areas of the town, typical timber-framed Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) farm houses stand under old trees.

A number of these farms can look back over a history spanning more than 1000 years.

This applies particularly to the old 'Meyer' farms originating from the time of the Franks and Saxons.

Castles and manor houses are witness to a great past in this region - the 'Grönegau'.

The Grönegau with great Variety.

Recreation, relaxation, sport and entertainment possibilities are broadly diverse for everyone. With us, your stay could not be planned more personally.

The 'Grönegau people' are pleasant and friendly. It is always 'season' here and the climate is good. You can take part in events depending on your mood and interest. And of course, you can enjoy your holiday completely on your own if you wish.

We will tell you where to find hotel and guest-house accomodation, holidays on a farm, camping possibilities and whre you can exercise your hobbies, from tennis to horse-riding.

We will inform you about interesting excursions, such as the fairy wood or the museum of local history, varied events (e.g. the forest open-air theatre), and culinary specialities.

As well as numerous cafes, there are comfortable inns, hotels and pubs with plenty of atmosphere where you can meet people.

The town of Melle in the 'Grönegau' is an excursion town and a place of relaxation for everyone:

It is always 'season' here! And even in winter the Grönegau is wonderful to go hiking or sledging in really fresh air.

The Grönegau offers more than a beautiful landscape to its guests. The hiker can find a wide network of well marked paths with covered places to rest. There are barbecues for use, play areas and recreational facilities. There are extensive bicycle paths to attract the cycling enthusiast and ponds and streams offer angling possibilities.

Melle is a major traning centre and location of the LOWER SAXONY REGIONAL SPORTS SCHOOL. There are outdoor and indoor tennis court (also for the public), recreational centres, skittle lanes, as well as facilities for dancing, fun, sport and games are all at the disposal of both guests and fellow citizens.

Melle offers several heated open air swimming pools, one of them with a wave pool. There are also extensive sport facilities in all parts of the town. In Melle-Wellingholzhausen is the 'Haus des Gastes', a social centre where social activities, meetings and conferences are held.

Melle is the registered seat of a number of significant companies in different fields of industry: furniture, construction, engineering, high technology, india-rubber chemistry, abrasives, lorry springs, civil engineering, foodstuffs, aquatic products (Tetra). All these companies have a high industrial status. Trade, commerce, agriculture, and forestry are equally in evidence and of importance for our region. Incidentally, at the glider and motor glider airfield in Melle, aircraft are not only serviced but also developed and built.

In Melle it is possible to live and work well. Through progress and tradition our town creates economic energy and the spirit for Innovation.
Welcome indeed!

The spa rooms - meeting place and centre with its idyllic cure park.

Further information is obtainable from the Spa Rooms (Kurmittelhaus)
Telephone +49 5422 10 33 38