TetraMin Celebration

Promotion Model Car

1950 Morris Z Van, TetraMin
© 1997 by Wolfgang Zschauer

TetraMin - Flake Food For All Tropical Fish

Promotional die-cast model car produced for Tetra, Lambert Court, Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh, Hants S053 3ZQ.

This panel special delivery model car was produced while celebrating the TetraMin 40th Anniversary. The scale is not specifically to the scale of 1:43.

This 1950 Morris Z Van has been made especially for Tetra as a limited edition of ProMotors ®, Promotional Models by Lledo PLC, Woodall Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 4ND, Great Britain.

It has this typical Tetra-Yellow with a brown roof, brown mudguard and golden felloes. On both sides you can see a scale-fish and the written slogan (see above).

This model has been described in MODELL MAGAZIN, edition 7/98 on page 9.

In 1939 the popular Morris Eight was completely restyled in a semi-streamlined form and re-named the Series 'E' Morris. The load carrying version, the Series 'Z' van was introduced in 1940 and continued in production until 1953.

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