The Cruncher
Long Walk Home

   01 The Cruncher - Cycle Chase (Mike Curb, D. Allan)
02 The Cruncher - Laguna Sunrise (F.A. Iommi, Herbert Hooke)
03 The Cruncher - Free Fall (Richie Podolor)
04 The Cruncher - Liquidator (Johnson, Herbert Hooke)
05 The Cruncher - Spanish Kiss (Dick Dale)
06 The Cruncher - In My Chair (Young, Rossi)
07 The Cruncher - Hot Rod (Berry Bros., Herbert Hooke)
08 The Cruncher - Scotch And Guitar (Lou Gottlieb)
09 The Cruncher - Puerto Vallarta (Cooper, Nitzsche)
10 The Cruncher - Haulin' Honda (Richie Podolor)
11 The Cruncher - Long Walk Home (Chip Taylor)
12 The Cruncher - Hon-Da Beach Party (Gary Usher)
13 The Cruncher - Untitled #4 (Gary Usher, Herbert Hooke)
14 The Cruncher - Surfin' Bu (Dick Dale, J. Messina)
15 The Cruncher - Long Lost Melody (Unknown)
16 The Cruncher - Weeping Willow Rock (C. Reynolds, H. Bolejack)
17 The Cruncher - Desert Ride (Herbert Hooke)
18 The Cruncher - A Day At The Beach (Herbert Hooke)

released: 2015
CD: NPR Records, Germany - NPR 10014
EAN: 4028586100149

Instrumental Review:
The Cruncher's "Go Surfin' With The Cruncher" LP was a landmark release in the surf music revival of the 1980s. Since then the style has evolved in different ways in numerous countries around the world. It has actually evolved so much that a time-travelling '60s surf fan would not recognise most of it as surf music at all. But luckily for us The Cruncher has the spirit of '60s surf in his blood so you can rest assured that the silver disc you are holding right now is the real deal.

Reverb guitar, that's what it's all about - and a decent tune of course. And that's where The Cruncher scores by drawing on a wide range of sources and infusing his material with the essence of classic '60s surf. It's always an exciting ride when The Cruncher takes to the waves!

Alan Taylor & David Burke. Pipeline Magazine:


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Hier die erste veröffentlichte Besprechung der neuen CD aus "New Gandy Dancer" Issue 119:

The Cruncher – Long Walk Home

Herbert Hooke’s The Cruncher was a European Highlight of the 1980s surf revival begun by USA bands like Jon & The Nightriders and The Surf Raiders but after several important and much revered albums, The Cruncher seemed to go into semi-retirement – like many of us aged surfers! But here he is again back with a bang with some lovely traditional surf instrumentals impregnated with delightful originals and unusual choices of instros like Harry J’s “The Liquidator”; Chip Taylor’s title theme and even a surfed up Status Quo #21 hit single (#38 in Germany) from 1970 in “In My Chair”. But none of the covers are from the obvious Pipeline / Wipe Out boring norm; we get Davie Allan’s “Cycle Chase”; Dick Dale’s lovely Hispanic “Spanish Kiss”; Richie Podolor’s “Freefall” and “Haulin’ Honda”. The HH original material is well played and varied from the lush “Laguna Sunrise” to the rocking “Hot Rod” and “Desert Ride”. Great to have a new real surf album out fifty years after the first phase of surf – a definite case of welcome back! **** (Davy)


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