Jack Good's Original Oh Boy!
This recording was made in one session
on the evening of October 19, 1958 at A.B.C. Television

   T.V. Hop - Cliff Richard
Little Jonah - Two Vernon Girls
Rockin' Robin - Cliff Richard
When the saints go marching in - John Barry Seven
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - Vince Eager
Good Good - Neville Taylor & The Cutters
High School Confidential - Cliff Richard
Bad Motorcycle - The Vernon Girls
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey - Cuddly Dudley
Zing! Went the strings of my heart - Dallas Boys
Your hand, your heart, your love - Peter Elliott
Early in the morning - Cliff Richard

King Creole - Cliff Richard
There's never been a night - Two Vernon Girls
Leroy - Neville Taylor & Dallas Boys
Pancho - John Barry Seven
Blue Ribbon Baby - Vince Eager
Little Miss Ruby - Neville Taylor & The Cutters
I'll try - Cliff Richard
Don't look now, but - The Vernon Girls
Let's rock while the Rockin's Good - Cuddly Dudley
Joshua (fit the battle of Jericho) - Dallas Boys
The End - Peter Elliott
Somebody touched me - Cliff Richard

published 1958
LP: EMI, England - NUTM 13
LP: EMI Records, Music For Pleasure, England - MFP 50462