The Bob Lander Crew
For The Collector

   01. Teardrops On My Windshield
02. Hoot Owl
03. Concrete Cowboy
04. Red Light Blues
05. Beach Boys Surf Medley
06. I Long To See The Places
07. Autobahn

08. I Get Around
09. Space Truck
10. King Of All The Truckers
11. Puti Puti
12. Murder In Music City
13. This Record Ain't Big Enough
14. Dear Old Friend
15. Billy The Kid On Wheels (Highway Bandit)

Tracks 5 and 8 - Bob Lander, vocals,
all instruments and harmony vocals by a studio-band called 'Thor-Erics'
I'm not sure which of the tracks 14 or 15 is on the LP. Maybe both of them?
released: 1986
LP: Tal & Ton, Sweden - TTM 199003