The Spotnicks
Live In Japan / Live In Berlin
King Record, Japan - KICP 662 & KICP 663

   Live in Sankei Hall, Tokyo (1966)
The Spotnicks Theme
Johnny Guitar
Happy Silence
Havah Nagila
When The Saints Go March
Crying In A Storm
Le Dernier Train de L'Espace
Hey Good Lookin'
Memory of Summer
Over and Over
Wabash Cannon Ball
What'd I Say
Look up to the Evening Star

Live in Berlin (1974)
Theme from 'For A Few Dollars More'
What's going on
Navah Nagila
If you could read my mind
Hernandos Hideaway
Holiday Hotel
Tinta Verde
Long Train Running
Wildwood Flower
Wichita Lineman
Hey Good Lookin'
Last Date
Johnny Guitar

released 1998
CD: King Record, Japan - KICP 662
CD: King Record, Japan - KICP 663

The Japan release Vavan VMCP 1018 has a different compilation.