The Spotnicks
The Spotnicks Live in Japan
- Live Recording at The Sankei Hall -

   1. Spotnicks Theme
2. Johnny Guitar
3. Happy Silence (Nani Mo Iwanai De)(v)
4. Havah Nagila
5. When the saints go marching in (v)
6. Crying In A Storm
7. Karelia

1. Le Dernier Train d L'espace
2. Hey Good Looking
3. Memory Of Summer
4. Over And Over
5. Wabash Cannon Ball
6. What Did I Say
7. Look Up To The Evening Star

LP released 1966
LP: Polydor, Japan - SLPM 1313 (Stereo)
This is a complete different compilation than SweDisc (SWELP C 53) and Interdisc (ILPS 123)