The Spotnicks - Live in Tokyo 1966 at Kinokuniya
- Tokyo Concert March 4, 1966 -

   The Spotnicks Theme
Hey good looking (v)
Papa Oohm Mow Mow (v)
Happy Silence (Nani Mo Iwanai De)(v)
What did I say (v)
Over and over (v)
Drum diddley
Johnny Guitar
You can go to him (v)
Memphis Tennessee (v)
Last date
Doctor Feelgood (v)
When the saints go marching in (v)

This album was privately recorded by a Japanese fan
at Shinjuku 'Kinokuniya Hall' on March 4, 1966

CD released 1.12.2003
CD: Hibino Music, Japan - HBN 4001