The Robot Tribe
Space Fantasy - The Robot Tribe

Covers of RDM Edition, France

An obscur CD is on the market: "Space Fantasy - The Robot Tribe" - RDM Edition France, CD 100
Yves Volant is the General Manager of RDM-Video (Directeur General chez RDM-VIDEO).

Here are the renamed tracks:
01 The Robot Tribe - Don't Trust Robots
02 The Robot Tribe - Extraordinary Stories
03 The Robot Tribe - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
04 The Robot Tribe - A Universe Of Spotnicks
05 The Robot Tribe - Supreme Planet
06 The Robot Tribe - DTS 30250
07 The Robot Tribe - Six Strange Planets
08 The Robot Tribe - Never Solo

This is the original release:
01 The Spotnicks - Never Trust Robots
02 The Spotnicks - Amazing Stories
03 The Spotnicks - Close Discussions Of The Third Kind
04 The Spotnicks - A World Of Spotnicks
05 The Spotnicks - Ultimate Planet
06 The Spotnicks - THX 31350
07 The Spotnicks - Six Strange Worlds
08 The Spotnicks - You're Never Alone

This "RDM Edition" - product from France is identically with The Spotnicks "Never Trust Robots" & "Space Fantasy" too.
RDM renamed the track names and changed the artist name from "The Spotnicks" into "The Robot Tribe"

Here are more information about two more releases:
Space Fantasy
Never Trust Robots & Chart Toppers 1977

"Space Fantasy", the Japan release, is identically with "Never Trust Robots"
first released 1978 in Japan
recorded 1978
LP: SweDisc, Japan (1978) - SW25-6001
CD: Flamingo Music, Japan (1978) - FM 1013