The Spotnicks
The Invercote Theme

   Spotnicks - The Invercote Theme

one track only - 480 rpm


1963 Kit

1963 package containing:
- Invercote 1963 brochure: 20 pages + 4 pages cover in format 245x245 mm. 4+4 colour print and protection varnish. Cover on Invercote Creato 260 gsm and content paper on Tom & Otto Silk 170 gsm. Creased, folded and stapled.

- Invercote 1963 cover: format 250x250 mm and with locking mechanism. Foil embossed “gold” on “1963”. Print 4 + 0 and matt laminated. Invercote G 350 gsm.

- The Spotnicks CD single song: Printed on Invercote G 240 gsm. 4+0 and protection varnish. Songs from Universal Music, Stockholm.


Flipside of the cover:
INVERCOTE! - The Invercote Anniversary - 50 Years in Graphics and Packaging - IGGESUND Holmen Group

The Spotnicks are an instrumental rock group from Sweden that was formed in 1961. The band members became
famous for wearing space suit costumes on stage and for their innovative electronic guitar sound. The Spotnicks have
released more than 40 albums, selling more than 18 million records around the world. The group still tours regularly.

The 'Invercote Theme' was specially composed for Iggesund Paperboard to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the
company's famous paperboard Invercote in 2013.

recorded and released: 2013
CD: Iggesund Holmen Group, Sweden - 1963 Kit - Item-No. CO130KIT