The Spotnicks
The other side of the moon

   The other side (of the moon)
Alltid Pa Väg (Always on the run)
Ain't nobody home
Det Var Längesen Jag Plocka Nagra Blommor (It's been long since I pick flowers)
Theme for Lizzie
Ingen Ar Som Ann (Nobody's like Ann)
Dille Que La Quiero
Gitarren I Himlen (The guitar in heaven)
Cielito Lindo
Falling Like A Rock (english)
Sääkijärven Polka
September Song

Line up:
vocals by Bo Winberg (4, 8) and by Bob Starander (2,6,10)
Musicians besides Bo Winberg and Bob Starander:
Thomas Olsson - drums
Lasse Lindberg - bass
Matz Nilsson - double bass (5)
Douglas Möller - guitar (6,7)
Bengan Blomgren - guitar (3)
Arne Österlindh - pedal steel guitar (2,4,12)
Peter Wiberg - keyboard / accordion (5,7)
Bernt Andersson - accordion (11)
Olle Niklason - saxophone (9)
Jennie Lindgren and Elenor Nilsson - backing vocals (2,8)

recorded and first released 2002
CD: Sweden, Wista 2002 - TSR CD 002