The Spotnicks
In Paris - Vol. 1 (1962)

   High-Flying Scotsman
Happy Henrik's Polka
Moonshot (version 2)
The Spotnicks Theme
Galloping Guitars
Carry Me Back
The Rocket Man (mono version)
Orange Blossom Special

Bonus (French EP)
Hey, Good Looking
Old Clock At Home
Johnny Guitar(*)
My Bonnie
Havah Nagila [without strings and chorus / version 1]

Extra Bonus
Ol' Man River (1962)
What'd I Say
Thundernest [version 1]
Havah Nagila [with strings and chorus]
The Spotnicks Theme [version 1]
Galloping Guitars [alternative version]
Johnny Guitar [alternative and rare version]
High-Flying Scotsman [version 1]
Ol' Man River (1960)
Moonshot [version 1]
Orange Blossom Special [stereo version]
The Rocket Man [stereo version]

*) There is a pitch after 57 seconds of the track
It's the same pitch as to hear
on "The Premium Best Collection" by Chronicle, Teichiku, Japan - TECH-35155-6
and on "The Spotnicks in Paris" by Swedisc, Sweden (1989) - SWEDC 407

released 2000
CD: Magic Records, France - 5256402