The Spotnicks - Trivia

Balladen om Efraim Killer Recorded in Swedish.
Original "Take Off Your Clothes" by Peter Sarstedt who wrote this song.
Björn Thelin Born June 27, 1942 - This great bass player died on January 24, 2017
Blue Night Train Identically with 'Mood of Asia'
Carry Me Back All instruments by Bo Winberg. Bo's rhythm machine is a Swedish Matchbox.
David Palmer is Juri Wiik's pseudonym
Donner Wetter Identically with 'Divided City'
released on Oriole CB 1981
JASRAC Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Similar to the German GEMA-
Johnny Guitar The best mono mastering perfection is to find on LP
The Spotnicks de Luxe
Polydor, Japan (1969) - SMP 2013
Mood of Asia Identically with 'Blue Night Train'
Moonshot Original "Gunshot" by "The Fireballs" (1961)
Roland Ferneborg Manager of the Spotnicks.
He was the owner of the SWEDISC label.
When writing songs he used "Gusten" as pseudonym.
Sa Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet
(Everlasting Brightness)
Recorded 1987 at Studio Bohus in Kungälv in Swedish.
First released 2004 by "Amapola Production, Sweden"
Book: "The Spotnicks" by Lars Åkerström and Mikael Forslund
ISBN: 91-631-5104-9
(Summer In Sweden)
The 1964 born daughter of Björn Thelin bears the same name
Spotnicks Special Theme This is a part of 'The Spotnicks Theme' (Live in Japan 1966) shortened to 1 minute and 7 seconds.
Tennessee Waltz By Papa O: The female singer is Doris Goebel, Director of "Theaterklause" (Hövelstraße 9, Dortmund), where the song was recorded.
Telstar All instruments by Bo Winberg. Bo's rhythm machine is a Swedish Matchbox.
The Outlaws The Outlaws = track name for the French market = Space Ship Rendez-Vous
Tomten Kommer Snart Santa Claus is coming soon. There exist 2 versions of Tomten Kommer Snart.
The Feenades Peter Winsnes (drums) and Bo Winberg (all other instruments). The Feenades was a project only for the Finland market.
The Rockin' Cowhands A Spotnicks alias for a Holland release of a 45 rpm.
(Tivoli 3091 / 42.175) "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Home On The Range"
The Rocket Man Original "Polyushka Polye" aka "Meadowland" is a Russian folk song.
Polyshko-Polye (Meadowland) recorded and released on "Ame No Ballad" by The Spotnicks in 1971.
Here is the Russian version: Polyushka Polye
The Young Cats The Young Cats are The Spotnicks.
A mispressing on a Turkish release of a 45 rpm.
(DB Records DB 1018) "Johnny Guitar / Happy Guitar"
Valentina Original "Save The Last Dance For Me" by "The Drifters"
Dedicated to the cosmonaut Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova
(Walentina Wladimirowna Tereschkowa).
She was the first woman to fly in space,
aboard Vostok 6 on 16 June 1963.
W&G Records White & Gillespie - an Australian record company.