The Viking Truckers
Love On The Road

   01 Love On The Road
02 The Only Life For Me
03 Cicada
04 Ghost Truckers
05 Five Miles From Houston
06 Me And My Old Truck

07 Truckdriving Gang
08 Truckstop Mama
09 Spacetruck
10 Red Light Blues
11 Son Of A Truckdriving Son Of A Gun
12 To Heaven In A Truck

The Viking Truckers are:
Bob Lander - vocals & guitar
Stefan Ericsson - vocals & guitar

The Back-Up Group:
Jüri Wiik - lead guitar
Arne Ästerlindh - pedal steel guitar
Peter Wiberg - keyboads
Magnus Hellsberg - bass
Benkt Andersson - drums

Back-Up Vocals:
Bob Lander
Stefan Ericsson
Jüri Wiik
John Kincade
Kay Cee Bang

Guest Musicians:
Trond Villa - violin
Anders Ternesten - banjo
Rolf Wendin - harmonica
Peter Hjertqvist - bag pipe

Produced, arranged and engineered by Peter Wiberg.
Recorded at Tal & Ton studios, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Mastered by Lasse Rosin, The Cutting Room.

released 1983
LP: TMC, The Recording Company - TMC 8005 / 50-1