Runaway Express
 Yeah, Buddy!

1.Well, All Right (Allison/Holly/Mauldin/Petty)
Maybe Baby (Holly)
2.Peggy Sue Got Married (Holly)
3.Words Of Love (Holly)
Listen To Me (Holly/Petty)
4.I'm Gonna Love You Too (Mauldin/Petty/Sullivan)
Love's Made A Fool Of You (Holly/Montgomery)
5.Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Holly)
Heartbeat (Montgomery/Petty)
6.That'll Be The Day (Allison/Holly/Petty)
7.Everyday (Hardin / Holly)
It's So Easy (Holly/Petty)
8.That's What They Say (Holly)
Tell Me How (Allison/Holly/Petty)
9.Learning The Game (Holly)
Wishing (Holly/Montgomery)
10.Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Curtis)
11.Look At Me (Allison/Holly/Petty)
Take Your Time (Holly/Petty)
12.True Love Ways (Holly/Petty)



Musiker / Musicians:
Jim Ratts: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Salli Severing Ratts: vocals
Scott Bennett: guitar
Butch Hause: bass
Chris Stongle: drums
Ernie Martinez: banjo, mandolin, dobro, mandola, bass
Ted Cole: flute
Neil Haverstick: guitar
Daniel Jones: pedal steel guitar

Gäste / Guests:
Jimmy Ibbotson: vocals
Jim Salestrom: vocals
Joey DeLauro: drums, vocals
Ed Contraras: percussion
Deborah Schmit-Lobis: piano
Jerry Mills: mandolin
Mike Dowling: guitar
Jim Ed Hodges: fiddle
Gordon Burt: violin
Amy Nugent: vocals
Tim Irvin: vocals
Mary Huckins: vocals
Don Pinnella: vocals
Tom Gould: vocals

produced by Jim Ratts - published 2000
CD: Raven Records, U.S.A. - RVN 2001

Yeah, Buddy!
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