Radio Canadian Army Europe (CAE)
Fort Victoria - Werl 1969

Radio CAE Microphone

In the mid 60th I've been your host as a guest of "Night Piquet" at "Radio Canadian Army Europe" (Radio CAE) in Werl near Soest, Germany. "Tuff (Cattywampus)" by Ace Cannon was the opening intro.

Private Ed Melanson June 1969
Private Ed Melanson
Control Room June 1969
Control Room June 1969
Telefunken M 5
Control Panel June 1969
Control Panel
Studio View
View into the control room

All CAE photographs © Wolfgang Zschauer

At this place I will give my best regards to Private Ed Melanson (first picture), to the former sound technician 'Texas' Heinz Gunnesson (last picture, right) and to my former guests in the studio: Sharman Mortimer from Bierton (Aylesbury), Buckinghamshire, and Karin Heinrichs from Stoermede, Lippstadt County. Sorry, I cannot remember my third female guest.

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Radio CAE

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